Breed Fashion Lab is now representing POL. 

POL started with Australian designer Sam Jones, but really took off when it started to ‘belong’ to the women who wore the garments. As a brand, POL has always spoken for itself. That, and it’s always had something to say.

Established through years of nothing but hard work, unconventional fashion thinking, and a constant eye on what women like to wear, POL’s approach has always been an international one. Women, in Sam’s opinion, really aren’t that complicated. Sophisticated, sure. Contemporary? Absolutely. But complicated? Not really.

From delicately woven knitwear to materials and textures that are as functional as they are free to wear, POL’s authenticity has always been its strong point.

Today, with over 120 stockists worldwide, and with ongoing interest from global fashion leaders, POL still remains something of an accidentally discovered quiet achiever.

And we kind of like it that way.